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Lang Yarns Sakura

50g ball


Sakura means cherry blossom and Lang is as magnificent as the cherry blossomsYarns Sakura, a very soft cotton blend yarn.  

The colors of this yarn are strong and yet not too prominent. Lang Yarns Sakura is a playful yarn that is fun to knit with.

​MateMaterial: 46% cotton (Pima), 46% polyacrylic and 8% polyamide

Barrel length: 95m/50g

Needle size: 6 - 8 mm
Care recommendations: machine wash at 30°C

Consumption: for a long-sleeved sweater in size 38 you need about 500g

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Lang Yarnssakurais a beautiful yarn collection made from an exquisite blend of preciousPima cotton, polyacrylic and polyamide. This rare combination of materials makes for an incredibly soft, supple and luxurious yarn that is perfect for all types of knitting and crochet projects.

The rich texture and softness of Lang Yarnssakuramakes it ideal for lightweight and breathable garments such as scarves, shawls, tops and lightweight sweaters. Easy to knit and manipulate, the yarn will add an elegant touch to any project.

Lang Yarns Sakura is available in a variety of colors, from classic neutral tones to vibrant, fashionable colors. The colors are inspired by nature and bring a beautiful luminosity to every project.

The yarn is durable and resistant to wear and tear, making it suitable for garments that are worn frequently. The combination with cotton also ensures that it is cooling and moisture wicking, making it perfect for all seasons.

Overall, Lang Yarns Sakura is an exclusive yarn collection that is a must-have for any knitting and crocheting enthusiast. If you are looking for the best in rich natural fibers and want to create a timeless, luxurious project, then Langyarns Sakura is the perfect choice.

Sakura has a  running length of 95 meters per 50g and is knitted with needle size 6 to 8. The material composition makes the yarn light and economical, so that for a long-sleeved sweater in size 38 only needs about 500g.

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LANG YARNS has 150 years of history as a textile industry company. The Swiss family business is now in its sixth generation.

The founder Theodor Lang acquired 1860 inridingthe underwater mill. On the land of the Mühlehof he set up one of the first industrial companies in the Wiggertal, a mechanical cotton spinning mill. The water from the wiggers provided the energy needed to run the machines. Pure Mako cotton yarns were spun up to a fineness of Ne 30. The yarn was already being exported to Germany and France at this time.

In the 1890s, Theodor Lang's son Ernst Lang took over the factory. Production was electrified and a turbine was installed to generate electricity. In 1894 a twisting mill was also added and another production stage was added. During this time, the first high-quality hand knitting yarns were produced.

In the 1920s, Erich Lang followed his father in management. During the difficult period of the world economic crisis, he decided to sell hand knitting yarns under his own brand LANG.

Even at that time, quality, further development of the machine park, constant innovation and market-oriented products were the key to success in the demanding market for hand knitting yarns.

With the increasing internationalization of the markets, Ernst H. Lang developed further export markets such as the USA and Japan from the 1960s onwards. The highest quality and technical innovation of hand knitting yarns is and remains the goal of LANGYARNS.



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