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knit socks

Whether colorful or plain, made of wool, cotton or cashmere, self-knitted socks flatter our feet and our soul. Knitting socks is relaxing and satisfies our urge for creativity. In addition, most sock yarns are made from 75 to 100 percent natural materials. With its properties, the new wool is particularly suitable for knitting socks, because it hardly absorbs odors such as sweat and is self-cleaning. Wool can absorb water vapor inside the fiber without feeling damp and is very colour-fast. Self-knitted socks are the perfect gift for our loved ones and ourselves.

What we enjoy today as a hobby and pastime was once a respected trade. Around 1600, the Nuremberg trouser and stocking knitters were first mentioned in a document in Germany. Machines have replaced knitting craftsmen over the centuries, but people have preserved the tradition of hand knitting to this day. Another positive aspect of sock knitting is the sustainability of the knitting: self-knitted socks last longer than socks made of synthetic fibers and are made from rapidly renewable raw materials or recycled yarns. In knitted socks we experience the world with different feet.

Size table for sock yarn 4-ply 420m/100g

Gauge: 28 stitches and 40 rows/rounds = 10 x 10 cm

Size table for sock yarn 6-ply 390m/100g

Gauge: 21 stitches and 27 rows/rounds = 10 x 10 cm

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