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The OPAL brand stands for high-quality and sustainable pullover and sock wool, which is exclusively produced in Germany. In the family business in Hechingen at the foot of Hohenzollern Castle (Baden-Württemberg), knitting yarns with a sense of responsibility for society, the environment and people have been produced in imaginative collections for almost 30 years. With the Rainforest and Schafpate collections, the Opal brand also makes a financial contribution to environmental protection and the preservation of German migrant sheep farming.

The OPAL brand

Opal is a brand of Tutto Wolfgang Zwerger GmbH, which is located at the foot of Hohenzollern Castle in the knitting town of Hechingen in Baden-Württemberg. The state with a long tradition in knitwear and textile goods.

The Opal sweater and sock yarn brand was created in 1996 and the products have been sold worldwide since then.

The emergence of the OPAL-wool

Opal sock wool is made exclusively from wool from German and South American sheep. However, they only get their unique coloring in the factory.

The color is not applied to the wool threads all at once, but one after the other. For each color there is a separate color drum that applies the color to the yarn at the right moment.

The dyed wool is fixed with hot steam so that the dye is suitable for household use and is not rinsed out again during the first wash - this means that the dye is bound into the wool.

In order to prevent the last remnants of the color, which may not have been set, from staining in the laundry at home, the wool is washed thoroughly again after the steam bath and then dried

After washing and drying, the dyed wool is passed through a steam bath again. This makes them particularly soft and fluffy and makes the skin feel particularly pleasant when worn. The mixture of real new wool with 25% polyamide also makes the yarn particularly hard-wearing.

The now finished threads are rolled up in the familiar ball shape, provided with the collection banderole and packaged. Now it can be shipped and sold all over the world. The Opal sweater and sock yarn is ready!

knit socks

Whether colorful or monochrome, made of wool, cotton or cashmere, self-knitted socks flatter our feet and our soul. Knitting socks is relaxed and satisfies our urge for creativity. In addition, most sock yarns are made from 75 to 100 percent natural materials. The properties of new wool are particularly suitable for knitting socks, because it hardly absorbs odors such as sweat and is self-cleaning. Wool can absorb water vapor inside the fiber without feeling damp, and it is very colorfast. Self-knitted socks are the perfect gift to our loved ones and ourselves.

What we enjoy today as a hobby and pastime was once a respected craft. The Nuremberg trouser and stocking knitters were first mentioned in Germany around 1600. Over the centuries machines have replaced the knitting craftsmen, but the tradition of hand knitting has been preserved to this day. Another positive aspect of sock knitting is the sustainability of the knitting: self-knitted socks last longer than socks made of synthetic fibers, are made from rapidly renewable raw materials or recycled yarn. In knitted socks we experience the world with different feet.

Size table for sock yarn 4-ply 420m/100g

Gauge: 28 stitches and 40 rows/rounds = 10 x 10 cm

Size table for sock yarn 6-ply 390m/100g

Gauge: 21 stitches and 27 rows/rounds = 10 x 10 cm

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