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Soft and originally dyed sock yarn with crazy color gradients. The high-quality  new wool comes from Patagonia, the yarns are made in Germany.
The soft yarn and the beautiful colors  not only enchant when knitting, but also when wearing. Each pair of socks becomes a work of art!
Thanks to the felt-free Superwash finish, the socks can be washed in the washing machine.
100g ball


Material: 75% new wool (superwash) and 25% polyamide
Barrel length: 420m/100g
Needle size: 2-3mm
Care recommendations: machine wash at 30°C

Consumption: 1 ball is enough for a pair of socks up to size 46/47


Zauberball Crazy is available in the following colors:

1507 autumn wind

1511 submarine

1535 stone washed

1537 autumn sun

1564 Fresh Fish

1660 river bed

1699 lilac fragrance

1701 parrot

1702 Little Fox

2082 Charisma

2092 chocolate side

2095 Indian pink

2099 break in blue

2100 dominoes

2136 Lenz is here!

2170 Pale Shimmer

2204 Green Week

2231 non-ferrous metal

2248 Cinnamon Bun

2250 jacket like pants

2254 cloud 8

2266 milestone

2292 Shooting Star

2311 Route 66

2312 Piano Bar

2332 Hourglass

2334 painter's angle

2337 Mars Experiment

2355 Garden Party

2389 anniversary party

2395 Camo

2404 deep water

2427 Föhn location

2429 change of scenery

2438 Indigo


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Schoppel sock yarns


The numerous sock yarns make up a large part of the Schoppel product range. The classic sock yarn contains 25% polyamide for the durability and durability of the socks with regular use. Since 2019, Schoppel has been using environmentally friendly and biodegradable polyamide manufactured using Amni Soul Eco® technology. This polyamide can decompose rapidly at the end of its life cycle, facilitating bacteria access and degradation to waste materials, thereby accelerating the biodegradation process. The fiber degrades in around five years through the earth's natural processes, but still retains benefits such as tear resistance. Because the degradation process does not take place in daily use.


Only merino wool from Patagonia is used for the Schoppel products made of merino wool. The southern part of Patagonia cannot be used for agriculture due to the fall winds and is only suitable for keeping sheep. Sheep cannot be kept in factory farming, but rather serve to cultivate rural areas. In Patagonia, the sheep are less affected by insect infestation and therefore do not have to be treated with pesticides, and mulesing, which is painful for the animals, is not known there and is not practiced. The sheep live there freely and close to nature. They are only caught twice a year for shearing and health checks.


Schoppel Zauberball Crazy 1660 river bed

SKU: SWZC00001660
VAT Included
  • Whether colorful or plain, made of wool, cotton or cashmere, self-knitted socks flatter our feet and our soul. Knitting socks is relaxing and satisfies our urge for creativity. In addition, most sock yarns are made from 75 to 100 percent natural materials. With its properties, the new wool is particularly suitable for knitting socks, because it hardly absorbs odors such as sweat and is self-cleaning. Wool can absorb water vapor inside the fiber without feeling damp and is very colour-fast. Self-knitted socks are the perfect gift for our loved ones and ourselves.

    What we enjoy today as a hobby and pastime was once a respected trade. Around 1600, the Nuremberg trouser and stocking knitters were first mentioned in a document in Germany. Machines have replaced knitting craftsmen over the centuries, but people have preserved the tradition of hand knitting to this day. Another positive aspect of sock knitting is the sustainability of the knitting: self-knitted socks last longer than socks made of synthetic fibers and are made from rapidly renewable raw materials or recycled yarns. In knitted socks we experience the world with different feet.

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