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Scheepje's Whirl

Bobble Yarn

225g ball

Scheepjes Whirl is a mottled yarn that comes in many beautiful color combinations. The material mix of 60% cotton and 40% acrylic is particularly suitable for the production of airy, light pullovers, scarves, shawls and other accessories.


In contrast to so-called unicat yarns, Whirl is completely twisted and you can use this yarn to crochet or knit quickly without stabbing the thread.

Whirl can be perfect with the single-colored Scheepjeswhirlpoolcombined to create a larger knitting project.


​Material: 60% cotton and 40% acrylic

Barrel length: approx. 1000m/225g

Needle size: 3 - 4 mm
Care recommendations: machine wash at 30°C

Consumption: one ball of yarn is needed for one cloth

scheepjes-whirl-769-Blackberry Mint Chip.jpg

Scheepjes Whirl is a beautiful yarn made of 60%Cottonand 40% acrylic specially designed for shawls and scarves. The yarn is available in many different colors and offers a stunning gradient option that is perfect for many knitting and crochet projects.

The yarn is very soft and can be processed very comfortably. It consists of a fine fiber that makes the yarn very light and airy. This creates a beautiful knit texture that makes the yarn perfect for airy garments such as shawls and scarves.

Scheepjes Whirl also offers high durability and can therefore also be used for garments such as sweaters and cardigans. The yarn is very easy to work with and is great for knitters and crocheters of all skill levels.

The yarn is also very versatile and is not only suitable for shawls and scarves, but also for other clothing items and accessories such as hats and gloves. The yarn's gradient options also make it ideal for anyone looking for a yarn that will bring out the beauty of colors in their knitting and crochet projects.

Overall, Scheepjes Whirl is a beautiful yarn that is suitable for both beginners and experienced knitters and crocheters. With its incredible softness, durability and stunning color options, it's a superb yarn for anyone looking for a touch of elegance and beauty in their knitting and crochet projects.

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