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Schoppel wool enchants us in the truest sense of the word with its high-quality yarns in an almost endless variety of materials, colors, color combinations and color gradients. Everyone knows the famous and popular magic balls, which come in pure new wool, in the classic sock yarn mix of new wool and acrylic and cotton from ecological European cultivation. But the magic balls are only part of the beautiful Schoppel yarns. Zauberball, Zauberball Crazy, Zauberball Cotton, magic flower, cashmere magic, cashmere queen and alpaca queen, gradient, reggae and many more delight us with flattering material and dreamy colors.


Schoppel produces with the awareness of a common world and a common future. The raw materials for the production of Schoppel yarns have a short supply chain and thus guarantee clear traceability to the origin. The knitting yarns are produced exclusively in Europe under environmentally and socially acceptable conditions during the entire production process.


Various types of wool are used to produce Schoppel yarns. The individual types differ in the fiber thickness of the merino wool. Coarser fibers are more resilient, finer fibers are less scratchy, but more expensive. The fiber thickness is measured in Mircon.

There is the following classification:

















Merino wool from Patagonia is used exclusively for Schoppel products made from merino wool. The southern part of Patagonia cannot be used for agriculture due to the downwinds and is only suitable for keeping sheep. Sheep cannot be kept in factory farming, but rather se