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4-ply sock yarn

100g ball

SchoppelZauberball 100 is a soft onePure new wool sock yarn. Zauberball 100 has very beautiful harmonious color gradients. The high-quality  new wool comes from Patagonia, the yarns are made in Germany.

Zauberball 100 is also available in the version Zauberball 100 Pro made from 100% organic merino wool (organic medium merino).

The soft yarn and the schönen Farben  not only enchant when knitting, but also when wearing. Each pair of socks becomes a work of art!

Thanks to the felt-free Superwash finish, the socks can be washed in the washing machine.


​Material: 100% new wool (superwash)

Barrel length: 400m/100g

Needle size: 2-3mm
Care recommendations: machine wash at 30°C

Consumption: 1 ball is enough for a pair of socks up to size 46

    Magic Ball 100 is available in the following colors:

    1505  Colorful

    1511 submarine

    1699 Lilac Scent (Magic Ball 100 Pro)

    1701 parrot

    2166 Hot Iron (Magic Ball 100 Pro)

    2168 Evergreen (Magic Ball 100 Pro)

    2169 Smoke Signals (Magic Ball 100 Pro)

    2170 Pale Shimmer

    2179 Red cabbage remains red cabbage

    2229 Sphinx (Magic Ball 100 Pro)

    2245 Sofa Corner (Magic Ball 100 Pro)

    2249 Tea Ceremony

    2264 light in the shaft

    2270 Villa Rosa

    2305 Red to Go

    2330 Autumn Master

    2350 early bloomers

    2357 side lights

    2359 Chickpea

    2365 Mittelland (Magic Ball 100 Pro)

    2398 Long Bench

    2403 Vitamin C

    2437 Everything Paletti

    2479 Belladonna (Magic Ball 100 Pro)

    2507 Overdose (Magic Ball 100 Pro)

    2517 Pink Affair (Magic Ball 100 Pro)

    2518 Elephant Meeting (Magic Ball 100 Pro)

    Schoppel Zauberball 100 is a high-quality 100% merino wool yarn made in Germany.

    The yarn is known for its unique coloring and special structure, which is ideal for shawls, scarves, sweaters and other projects.

    Thanks to the use of extra-fine merino wool, Schoppel Zauberball 100 is particularly soft and comfortable to wear. The wool is also very hard-wearing and durable, so you will enjoy your knitted or crocheted projects for a long time.

    Another advantage of Schoppel Zauberball 100 is its coloring. Each skein of yarn consists of multiple colors that work together to create a unique pattern. This makes every project with this yarn unique.

    Schoppel Zauberball 100 is available in a wide range of colors, from bold and vibrant colors to muted and neutral tones.

    Whether you're looking for a vibrant and eye-catching project, or something more understated and classic, you're guaranteed to find the right color with Schoppel Zauberball 100.

    The yarn is available in lengths of 400 meters per 100 grams and has a needle size of 2-3 mm.

    Overall, Schoppel Zauberball 100 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high quality, durable and unique yarn for their knitting or crochet projects.




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    Schoppel sock yarns


    The numerous sock yarns make up a large part of the Schoppel product range. The classic sock yarn contains 25% polyamide for the durability and durability of the socks with regular use. Since 2019, Schoppel has been using environmentally friendly and biodegradable polyamide manufactured using Amni Soul Eco® technology. This polyamide can decompose rapidly at the end of its life cycle, facilitating bacteria access and degradation to waste materials, thereby accelerating the biodegradation process. The fiber degrades in around five years through the earth's natural processes, but still retains benefits such as tear resistance. Because the degradation process does not take place in daily use.


    Only merino wool from Patagonia is used for the Schoppel products made of merino wool. The southern part of Patagonia cannot be used for agriculture due to the fall winds and is only suitable for keeping sheep. Sheep cannot be kept in factory farming, but rather serve to cultivate rural areas. InPatagoniathe sheep are less affected by insect infestation and therefore do not have to come alongpesticidesbe treated and also that which is painful for the animalsmulesingis not known there and is not used. The sheep live there freely and close to nature. They are only caught twice a year for shearing and health checks.

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    Size table for sock yarn 4-ply 420m/100g

    Gauge: 28 stitches and 40 rows/rounds = 10 x 10 cm

    Size table for sock yarn 6-ply 390m/100g

    Gauge: 21 stitches and 27 rows/rounds = 10 x 10 cm

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